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Ali Lawrence is bloody amazing. She is an incredible asset and a breath of fresh air – she will come into your business and improve it like a gentle whirlwind. I was tempted not to write this recommendation just so that I could greedily keep her to myself. Ali is bursting with ideas and suggestions and because she has such a wide range of experience she thinks of all kinds of things I would never have thought of to do, such as a video trail to promote our articles and clever ways to boost our social media following or cultivate clients.

She is also incredibly organised – things which were an idea in my head or on a scrap of paper are reproduced in spreadsheets and Google documents. She is the full package – she writes well and is never short of feature ideas, is a social media demon and when it comes to running our website while I’ve been busy building a new one, a safe pair of hands you can rely on just to get on with things. Plus she is always jolly and upbeat. And she did a sterling turn as an interviewee on our podcast.

You are seriously missing out if you don’t hire her.

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