Railway line

The Brief | Write a piece of promotional copy of up to 200 words, promoting rail travel.

When | July 2015


Headline | Sit back and relax at 200 mph

Imagine the scene. You’re sitting back and taking in a panoramic view of the Jurassic coast in Dawlish while enjoying a cream tea. Or perhaps a glass of Chenin Blanc as you approach the Cape Winelands. All while travelling at the speed of a Formula 1 car. Intrigued?

Well, these and thousands of other journeys can be enjoyed on over a million miles of railway lines across the globe.

Traveling by train means there’s no need for a ‘designated driver’, no one can complain if you have quick snooze so you arrive refreshed.  Oh, and did we mention that there’s no need to arrive at the station hours beforehand?

For extra relaxation, turn off your phone and take a seat in a quiet carriage so you can finally read that novel you’ve been promising yourself for ages or take the opportunity to brush up on your language skills so you can say more than just ‘two beers please’ when you arrive at your destination.

And remember, when traveling by train, your holiday doesn’t start when you arrive at your hotel but as soon as you step onboard.


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